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Starting med school later in life

  • Season: Season 3
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  • Featuring: Sean Collins, Kevin Murphy, M.D., Rebecca Armendariz, M.D., Tara Kimbeson, M.D., & Tom McNalley, M.D.

Does Other Work Experience Make A Difference? A small number of first-year medical students each year are significantly older than the norm. They've come to medicine as a second or sometimes third career. Do those other work experiences make a difference in how they make their way through their training and, more importantly perhaps, do they make a difference in how the individuals practice medicine? Seán talks with four physicians who began their training later in life.

Kevin Murphy, M.D.

Executive Director

Palliative Practice Group

Providence Institute for Human Caring 

Tuckwila, Wash.


Rebecca Armendariz, M.D. 


LaJolla, Calif.


Tara Kimbeson, M.D.


Locum Tenens


Tom McNalley, M.D.

Pediatric Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Physician


Oakland and San Francisco, Calif.


  • Rebecca Armendariz MD
  • Tara Kimbeson MD
  • Tom McNalley MD
  • Seán Collins
  • Kevin Murphy MD LSW


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