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The challenge of staying home

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We all know how the classic 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" ends: Dorothy taps her heals together and reminds herself that 'there's no place like home.' And that's true for many people in need of long-term care.

On today's program, two conversations about some of the challenges faced by two different groups of people wanting to stay in their homes and receive needed services there: people with a disability and the elderly. Both groups often find that living in their homes and in communities they're familiar with benefits them in multiple ways.

But the cost of long-term assistance from caregivers can make staying at home difficult, if not impossible.

Dr. Maureen Nash is a geriatric psychiatrist. She talks with host Seán Collins about the many psychological benefits of receiving care in a familiar setting for those who choose "aging in place."

And we hear from Dr. Lisa Iezzoni from the Harvard Medical School about the many barriers that exist for people with a disability, regardless of their age, remaining in their own home.


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Dr. Nash has recently been named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. She previously was a guest on this podcast's episodes that focused on Dementia and memory care and Family Caregiving.


Maureen Nash, M.D., FACP, FAPA, DFAAGP

Medical Director

Providence ElderPlace — PACE Oregon

Portland, Ore.



Dr. Iezzoni is the author of Making Their Days Happen: Paid Personal Assistance Services Supporting People with Disability Living in Their Homes and Communities. She previously was a guest on this podcast's episode that focused on Doctors & Disabilities.


Lisa Iezzoni, M.D., MSc.

Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Health Policy Research Center—The Mongan Institute

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, Mass.




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