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A woman's heart

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Understanding heart disease in women.

For years, heart disease was thought of as "a man's disease." But the truth is quite different and quite sobering: one-in-three women in America dies of heart disease. Symptoms go unnoticed, warning signs are often ignored, and delays in seeking care make heart disease the #1 killer of women in the U.S.

On today's program, we talk with Dr. Lori Tam, a cardiologist at the Providence Heart Clinic in Portland, Ore., about the ways heart disease in women differs from heart disease in men and some of the particular warning signs women should be aware of.

Also, we talk with Kris Kleindienst, a small business owner in Missouri who had a heart attack a year ago. She tell us about her experience seeking care and the ways she's changing her life in recovery.

Transcript of today's show

Lori Tam, M.D.

Providence Heart Clinic

St. Vincent Medical Center

Portland, Ore.

Kris Kleindienst


Left Bank Books

Saint Louis, Mo.


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