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Hospice for the unhoused

  • Season: Season 4
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Providing end-of-life care for those experiencing homelessness.

Providence Hospice, Los Angeles County has launched a program to provide hospice care for homeless people. The program aims to support those experiencing homelessness and facing a terminal illnesses by providing them with the option of a safe and secure environment to receive holistic care. 

Homeless people face unique challenges and vulnerabilities, including an increased incidence of mental health issues, frequent distrust of healthcare providers and environments, and often issues of substance dependence. The team at Providence Hospice, LA County works closely with facility care teams to ensure that patients receive the care they need while also respecting their individual needs and preferences. 

Guests include Martina Meier, M.D., medical director of Providence Hospice, LA County; Nycole Snodgrass, director of operation at the hospice; and Marcella Kubalsky, who was chaplain when the program began. This episode also includes audio from an interview Marcella conducted with "Bob," a patient who had been chronically unhoused when he entered the program this past summer.

Click here for more information on Providence Hospice, LA County.

For an extended excerpt from Marcella's interview with Bob, follow this link.  


  • Martina Meier MD
  • Marcella Kubalsky
  • Nycole Snodgrass
  • Seán Collins


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