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Rural healthcare

  • Season: Season 4
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The quality of care in the countryside.

We explore the kind and quality of healthcare available in rural hospitals in an age of growing technological and resource-heavy medicine. Do we risk a two-tiered system where the best care possible is only available in large cities near major medical centers? And are there options available for people who might have to travel hundreds of miles for specialist care?

Guests include Alan Morgan, CEO of the National Rural Health Association; Theresa Gleason and Erica Manor from the Providence Hickel House, a hospitality facility on the campus of the Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage; and with Geraldine Picha, whose family stayed at Hickel House during medical emergency last year.



  • Alan Morgan
  • Theresa Gleason
  • Erica Manor
  • Geraldine Picha
  • Seán Collins


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