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Innovations in medicine

  • Season: Season 4
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Does it seem counter-intuitive to say that the future of person-centered healthcare is the use of more and more tools utilizing AI, artificial intelligence?

Dr. Maulin Shah is Chief Medical Information Officer for Providence and VP of Informatics and Engineering. He talks with host Seán Collins about AI and the ways innovative healthcare systems will make use of it to free-up precious time for human caregivers: doing everything from taking notes during your visit with your doctor, to suggesting that the clinic call a ride for patients who have uncertain transportation.

Saving clinicians 3-hours each day with improvements to the way they practice is like handing caregivers a chunk of their life back -- and that could be one of, maybe the best, solution to healthcare burnout.



  • Maulin Shah M.D.
  • Seán Collins


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