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Comforting connections

  • Featuring: Joselyn Eitemiller & Melody Fawcett
  • Date Submitted: Dec 8, 2022
  • Location: Washington

Adopted at birth, Joselyn had a great childhood and felt very loved by her adopted parents and never wanted to seek out her birth parents, feeling it would be a betrayal. Eventually, she did decide to contact her birth parents, and after a few years of letters and phone calls she met her birth mother at her family reunion. Joselyn instantly saw and heard the physical similarities. After getting to know her birth family better, she discovered many comforting connections between her two families. Edit credit: Alison Jacques


  • Joselyn Eitemiller
  • Melody Fawcett
  • Kathy O'Keefe
  • Adoption
  • Birth family
  • Birth parents
  • Family