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Lone survivor

  • Featuring: Joseph Neustadt & Annette Weinberg
  • Date Submitted: Sep 27, 2022
  • Location: California

Soon after Nazi soldiers arrived in Joseph’s hometown of Riga, Latvia, they killed 8,000 Jews, sent another 30,000 to ghettos, and burned down most of the synagogues. When the allies arrived to liberate the camps, his parents and sisters had been killed. He and his brother were deathly sick with typhus. Nine days later his brother died, leaving Joseph as the family’s lone survivor. Edit Credit: Alison Jacques


  • Joseph Neustadt
  • Annette Weinberg
  • Holocaust
  • Holocaust survivor
  • Jewish
  • Los Angeles Jewish Health
  • LAJ Health
  • Concentration camps
  • Labor camp

To hear Joseph's full recording you can listen here.

We partnered with the Los Angeles Jewish Health, home to seniors, to record eleven stories by Holocaust survivors. To learn more about the Los Angeles Jewish Health facility please click here:

If you would like to know more about the Holocaust please visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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