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Mom, the anti-apartheid activist

  • Featuring: Lorraine Marais & Jake Marais
  • Date Submitted: Aug 28, 2020
  • Location: Oregon

Jake sat with his mother a few weeks before her death to talk about her life in South Africa. She came from a household that was pro-apartheid – that country’s white supremacist government. Lorraine’s Christian faith awakened her. She joined an anti-apartheid group and became an activist. Her white friends and family rejected her. As for her and her rebel friends, the police surveilled them, threatened to assassinate them, and vandalized their property. Lorraine’s side won; apartheid ended in 1994. Edit credit: Sean Collins


  • Lorraine Marais
  • Jake Marais
  • Mother
  • Son
  • Anti-apartheid
  • Apartheid
  • Death threats
  • Educator
  • Activist