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New Patient Story

  • Featuring: Joseph Klein
  • Date Submitted: Feb 27, 2023
It started 2 to 3 weeks after I moved into 2333 Vodeli St Apartment 3. I was in my apartment I had invited someone over, and prior to this, I introduced myself to the neighbor next door, he was stand off-ish, so went back to my apartment and continued to live life, and one day I invited someone to my apartment, but this time it was different. As I am engaging in sex with a guy, I went to wipe the sweat off my brow, i noticed out of the corner of eye, I noticed someone in the vent. I then noticed i was being watched, because I could see the white in his eyes. I did not want to alarm the guy I was engaged with, until he left. I started looking around, I did not know which resident was in there. So i started checking all the doors. One of the door I came across, I jiggled the handle, and then a few seconds the lady Lindsay Patton came to the door, she was started, I proceeded to tell her what was going on, I asked her if she knew how to get to the crawl space attic, her answer was she wanted no part of it. This went on with John and his girlfriend for about 4 months, but during the 4 months, I called the police, they put me in the psych ward, because once they found out I had a learning and mental disablity, they used that to put me in there. The floors were thin and you could hear conversations. One evening after calling the police, catching John harassing me, John went to her place and was talking about the situation, as they were good friends. So I overheard the conversation for the most part, I did not confront with either one of them. John and his girlfriend both overdosed and died shortly after that. The day I came home from work everybody was outside seeing what was going on and I asked Lindsay what happened, and I proceeded to say “Thank god the mother fucker is dead.” I was tired of dealing with it. She said I was sick and needed help. About 2 weeks went by and the daughter came out one morning, and gave me an ultimatum to take out their garbage, and I told her she wasn't going to talk to me that way. She went and told her mother, and that was the start of her and her mother harassing me. One morning there was a banging at my door, it was her boyfriend, if the door latch chain wasn't there he would have busted in. Then I called the police, they told them they were not allowed on my porch, and not to talk to me her boyfriend threatened me, saying he was going to get me back. After that the harassment started with Lindsay, her daughter, and her boyfriend, Her brother also threatened me one evening, when he came to pick up his niece. He said something to the effect that they were coming to get me. I did not understand at that time what it entailed, but I understand now what it's come to as of today. During the time she lived below me, they were saying my name over and over, and spraying me with chemicals, shocking me with some type of device and watching me. Also during this time a witness Vernon Yenick #412-352-2030, he's a retired olympic diver, who is a coach now, he was sitting on the floor one evening, we were talking, and i had been shocked a few times before that. I was in the shower, i had I had a shower shot up my anus, cleaning it out and its metal, and I got shocked. This has happened several times, and I called the police about telling them I have been shocked and they said it could not be happening getting shocked thru the floor, that I was lying. So Vernon was sitting on the floor and stretching and he got shocked. Of which I have a witness statement from him. By the time I noticed my phone was acting up, and I did not pay much attention. I was trying to pick up guys in the neighborhood and that thats when they started whistling thru the phone, making noises, and trying to get me to look to see guys whistling at me. I then noticed it was coming from my phone. I come to realize it was them. So during this whole time, I started working a full time job, I also found out from the phone situation hack that i needed to get another phone and number, I figured she may may have all my info now, because everytime I get another phone it seems to be hacked again. During this situation, I have a Psych social mobile worker Shannon Williams that came to my house once a week, she came one morning, and she called and said she was coming earlier, so I did not let her know, I told her when she came in to be quiet as possible, so they did not know she was there. She heard what was going on, saying my name over and over, she turned and said she was sorry I was going thru this harassment. I proceeded to try to talk to her, I wanted to call the law, and she contacted her work and they said she could not say anything, to keep silent. From that point it had escalated. Shortly after I get put in the psych ward for no reason. While in the psych ward for 2 weeks they put cameras and listening devices in my apartment. I get out after 2 weeks, I was jacking my dick. While I was jacking my dick the daughter says over the device, momma he's jacking his dick, he's jacking his dick. I freaked out and wanted out of the apartment. I was homeless before doing this program, but had nowhere else to go and they knew this, and thats where I found out there were devices in my apartment. I proceeded to the program that was helping me, and landlord or anyone who i thought could help me. From me knowing the device there they knew where I worked, Wolbert’s auto body repair shop, out of the blue one day I started hearing my name there. The building is not that secure and they made it in and put the devices there, and harassed me at home and work. The more and more it happened, I looked up her name, got her emails, and proceeded to look them up and she does programming and coding. I felt it was just too much, I was calling the law a lot, trying to get their help and they all went back to my mental illness and drug charges in my past, and using that against me. At some point the Crafton police department zone 6 sergeant told me they were not opening up an investigation on this. During all of this I have a witness Emily, who moved in where John lived who was harassing me but now is deceased. She got sprayed with chemicals in my apartment, I called the law they said there was no evidence, or anything being sprayed. They took their time, they knew my name and by the time they got there things had settled down. A short time after that they move, but they are still harassing thru their devices pretty heavily. I was was dating Vernon, and they made it to his apartment and put it on his porch. They made it to his apartment, Vernon sent me a picture where the key was well before I went there. Later that night he goes to the restroom and I hear them whispering my name there. From that, it has been non stop, I am not being harmed physically, but still get harassed by the devices calling my name. My character has been tainted from the situation, when i moved to Pittsburgh, to start a new better life. I proceed to find another apartment, prior to signing the lease, they were still moving stuff out of the apartment from the lady that had passed away. I told a coworker the address, and Lindsay and her daughter repeat it back in my workplace, over their device to let me know they know where I am. When I moved in, I noticed the window was open, and that's probably where they got in. I was taking a break after moving my stuff in, I noticed my name was being called again. I just threw up my hands and said “seriously.” They are calling my name, repeating things, and throughout the day repeating what I am doing. Neighbor downstairs found out I was gay and he was harassing me also. He was doing things to me as well because there were openings between this apartment tand mine. I talked to the landlord and asked him to talk to him, and see if he would stop and the landlord, and said Joey he has been here a long time, and he would not do that and left me to find another place. During this time of me trying to find another place because of my background, which is very hard for me to find another place. So it left me there another month, so I started staying and slept at work at times. During this process, I was being harassed heavily at home and work. They would be jumping from wifi and cameras saying my name and taunting me and harassing me, it would always be the daughter repeating what I'm doing to her mother, who must be on a computer and the daughter watching me. As I find a another place I have a roommate who moved in with me, Jim Porter. The day of signing the lease, the landlord takes us thru the apartment, and the back door was broken, and was unlocked so the maintenance guy can get in, and landlord refused to fix it after we left. So this is the 3rd apartment, and it has not stopped. I have asked for a sniffing dog to see if the police could find anything, but they will never do it. I am trying to start my life over, I was homeless before this, I just need help and I dont have the funds to get help when I can barely get by. I have witnesses and statements, and recordings throughout this and needs to be examined and looked at please. They have got smarter and they see and hear what I do, so when people come over they don't say much anymore. But when I am by myself they start harassing me at times.