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Rooted in love

  • Featuring: Jody Heaton & Kitty Cannan
  • Date Submitted: Jul 22, 2020
  • Location: Oregon

Kitty and Jody first met when Jody's mom Elsie was at the end of her life, and Kitty was her nurse. After Elsie passed away, Jody brought Kitty a plant for taking such good care of her mother. Twenty years later they reconnected when Jody decided to become a hospice volunteer and bumped into Kitty at the hospital. To Jody's surprise, the plant was still there, and Kitty gave her a couple of clippings from that plant, giving root to a new friendship. Edit credit: StoryCorps


  • Jody Heaton
  • Kitty Cannan
  • Nurse
  • Volunteer
  • Mother
  • End of life
  • What matters most
  • Hospice