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The impact of community

  • Featuring: Sr. Bernadette Nannyanjo & Megan Stewart
  • Date Submitted: Dec 29, 2022
  • Location: Washington

Sister Bernadette’s (blood) sister back in her home country of Uganda broke her arm and didn’t have the money to seek medical attention. She instead turned to a massage therapist for treatment. Without the proper medical attention, her arm got infected and was going to be amputated. When Sister Bernadette learned of her sister's serious condition, she prayed about it and began to raise money. Megan suggested they set up a Go Fund Me account, and they quickly raised more than enough money to save her sister’s arm. Edit credit: Alison Jacques


  • Sr. Bernadette Nannyanjo
  • Megan Stewart
  • Community
  • Catholic Sister
  • Uganda