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Addiction, recovery, and community

  • Season: Season 2
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  • Featuring: Sean Collins, Bernadette "Bernie" Fried, Joe Newberry, and Andrey MacCracken

An episode we planned to be about addiction and holiday stress turned into an episode about connection, community, and compassion. Listen for great strategies for us all as 2022 dawns

We could have produced this episode in any month of the year: problematic substance use can be triggered by any number of things and at any time. But in December, as one year is poised to give way to another, the stressors seem to mount: finances, holiday expectations, extended family dynamics, and what seems to be a never-ending pandemic.

We reached out to three people — all with personal experiences with recovery — to talk about strategies for making it safely to 2022 with your wellbeing intact. 

Andrey MacCracken, CRM

Clackamas County Peer Support Specialist

Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon

Portland, Ore.


Berni Fried, LMFT

Clinical Director

Red Door Life

Los Angeles, Calif.


Joe Newberry

Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle and Song

Raleigh, N.C.