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Personalizing care in a transactional world

  • Season: Season 2
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  • Featuring: Sean Collins & Matt Gonzales

We present highlights from the 2021 conference that explored ways to prioritize the personal in healthcare while at the same time to better engage communities, improve health equity, boost patient outcomes, and save costs.


excerpts from the online conference held 1 November 2021 and sponsored by the Providence Institute for Human Caring


You can watch the videos of each online session here.


KEYNOTE: Three Keys to Personalizing Healthcare 

Dr. Ira Byock, Institute for Human Caring


Why Serious Illness is a Serious Health-Equity Issue 

Dr. Tammie Quest, Emory

Dr. Glen Komatsu, TrinityCare Hospice

Dr. Karen Boudreau,  Providence

Michael Drummond, Institute for Human Caring


Medicine Meets Ministry - Engaging Faith Communities to Fill Unmet Needs 

Seán Collins, Hear Me Now Podcast

Rev. Cynthia Carter Perrilliat, Alameda County Care Alliance

Jeannie Blaustein, ReImagine End of Life

Johnny Cox, Alliance of Catholic Health Care


Let's Get Digital, Digital - Humanizing the EHR 

Sara Veazy, Providence

Dr. Matt Gonzales, Institute for Human Caring

Gregory Makoul, PatientWisdom

Mike Drummond, Institute for Human Caring


From Scratch - Discovering the Healing Powers of Food, Family and Community 

Tembi Locke & Dr. Ira Byock


Whole Person Care in the ICU 

Dr. Wes Ely, Vanderbilt

Dr. Daniela Lamas, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Liga Mezaraups, Providence


Age-Friendly Works at Providence and Beyond 

Amy Berman, John  A. Hartford Foundation

Yazmin Hehdi, Patient Representative

Dr. Carrie Rubenstein, Swedish Family Medicine

Mike Drummond, Institute for Human Caring


Closing Remarks

Drs. Ira Byock and Matt Gonzales, Institute for Human Caring


  • Ira Byock MD
  • Matthew Gonzales MD
  • Michael Drummond
  • Tammie Quest MD
  • Glen Komatsu MD
  • Sara Veazy
  • Gregory Makoul PhD
  • Tembi Locke
  • Wes Ely MD
  • Daniela Lamas MD
  • Seán Collins


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