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Early pregnancy loss

  • Season: Season 2
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  • Featuring: Sean Collins, Veronika Zantop, M.D., & Lexie Fleming

As many as a quarter of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But that doesn't make it easy to talk about. On today's program, we explore early pregnancy loss, the way individuals often cope with the trauma alone, silently, and how the loss can persist for years -- sometimes, even a lifetime.

Veronika Zantop, M.D.

Medical Director

Swedish Center for Perinatal  Bonding and Support

Medical Director

Reproductive Mental Health at Swedish

Seattle, Wash. 

Alexandra Fleming, MSW, LICSW


Swedish Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support

Nurturing Wisdom Therapy

Seattle, Wash. 


We are collecting stories of pregnancy loss as part of the ongoing  Hear Me Now oral history project. On today's podcast, we listen to four women who describe their experiences of early pregnancy losses. Side-by-side with this episode of the podcast we're also publishing extended versions of their stories for you to explore in more detail.  

  • Samantha Edwards and Scott Acord – Sam shares her story with  Hear Me Now producer Scott Acord and describes the loss of a perceived future for her child. (44:13)
  • Lauren Sawson and Sara Epstein are sisters-in-law. Lauren talks about her decision to have a dilation and curettage procedure following her pregnancy loss. (46:24)
  • ALSO: WATCH Lauren and company in one of their dance performances. She writes, "Showing pregnancy loss through the lens of miscarriage, medical abortion, and stillbirth. The journey transitions from an individual one, to one with family and support. The piece ends with the power of holding space, and being there for each other."


If you're interested in sharing your story of pregnancy loss, go to Share your story at the Hear Me Now website.


Many thanks to Suzanne Engelder and Melody Fawcett for help with this episode. 


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